Banana nice cream

I have been sitting behind a window of a cafe for the last two hours staring at a giant ice cream. It makes me wanna eat ice cream. Preferably banana ice cream. I text Levine and Macy:
I’m about to get me some nice cream, anybody want to share in this moment of glory?
M: I could do with some cold saucy yumminess.
L: Got mermaid nice cream? #gimme
T: I got all you need, baby. Just wait and taste.
L: #droolingalready
M: Gimme rainbow nice cream.

I bring home a bucket full of all the colours of nice cream I could find. ‘In my defence I got tempted by a giant icecream the size of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.’
‘That is the worst kind of temptation,’ says Levine all blue mouthed but then he stops in the motion.
‘I’m with him,’ Macy jumps in before she suddenly sits erect.
‘Whatup?’ I ladle some nice cream where it belongs, in my mouth, and then I do it again, and again, and again until I’ve tasted the nice cream rainbow. I point my spoon up in the air, give it a swing and then continue eating.

‘Hello?’ says Levine.

‘So what they all taste like banana? I ordered the rainbow and got all colours of banana. I’m happy.’


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