Bang! Bang! You shot me down

drama, thriller, comdedy, mystery, blog

We’re in the middle of the bed, me and Macy. Armed with a pair of rolled-up socks each. At every sound we shriek and jump like a ping pong ball from his bat only to get hit again at the other side, bang!

A repetitive pattern of knocking on my bedroom walls, constantly going round and round as if it’s encircling us. And all we got is socks.

‘Where is it? Where did it go?’ shouts Macy from the middle of the bed in her jammies.
‘It’s everywhere,’ I scream holding my socks with two hands.
Bang! We turn.
‘There! There! Right there!By the window. I’m sure of it,’ Macy leans forward.
Bang! We jump.
‘No,’ I cry, ‘it’s right behind me. Here. On the wall. On the blanc spot!’
‘What blanc spot? Your whole wall is white and blanc!’
‘There, there,’ my trembling hand is pointing at a spot on the great big white wall. We stare at it.

Bang! We fall.
‘They…are…everywhere!’ We both yell.
‘They’re descending on us’
‘They’re coming down like aliens.’
‘Like lightning, they’re striking.’
‘They are forces of nature.’

Bang! We scream. And leap up.
Bang! We turn.
Bang! We jump.
Bang! We turn.
Bang! We jump.
Bang! We scream and jump and turn. And are right back where we started. Standing in the middle of the muffled bed with our home-made sock guns.

‘Okay,’ I say, pointing my socks throughout the room.
‘Okay what?’ Macy had her t-shirt half drawn over her head.
‘Okay, this is it. I am stopping this. Right now!’
‘What? How? Where?’
‘I am calling Levine.’

‘That’s all you’ve got?’
‘Well, you have a better idea apart from the sock episode?’ I step of the bed.
‘No, don’t leave me here alone.’
Bang! I stay steady.
I reach out to my phone.
Bang! ‘Don’t do it,’ shouts Macy.
Bang! I slide back.

It was right in front of me. But fifteen minutes later our knight in shining blond hair enters the room. ‘What are you two doing? You look like two school girls who have just seen a scary movie.’

It’s silent now. We don’t here another bang. We stare each other in the face.

‘Don’t be too sure. They might be back,’ urges Macy.
‘Who might…’
Ssshhh!’ The schoolgirls say simultaneously.
Silence. Nothing.
‘The Bangers,’ I break the silence.
‘The Knockers,’ adds Macy.
‘The sounds coming from my walls.’

Levine nears the bed. ‘Watch it,’ we yell. We are both pointing at the floor. His feet are being divided by an Almighty Stripe.
‘So, I’m just trying to get this here. First there’s a stripe, a blotch, a smear and now there’s also a bang, a sound, a knock?’ He raises his eyebrows.
‘You weren’t there,’ I put my hands in my sides.

‘I’m sleeping here tonight,’ Levine boldly steps into the bed.
‘No!’ We yell.
‘Yes, I am not going back home in the middle of the night, in the cold and you two called for protection, so here I am. Right here in the middle of the bed’ And he pulls the covers up.

Bang! And we drop.
‘Our knight in shiny armor,’ says Macy.
‘You broke my bed,’ I say.
‘In my defense, you had socks.’


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