Do you choose yes or no?

drama, mystery, thriller, suspence, blog

‘Why don’t you just rip it out? Rip the whole darn thing out. Throw it back like a tequila shot,’ says Levine before putting a ginger tonic to his lips.
‘I don’t know.’
‘What do you mean I don’t know? Are you like I don’t know or are you more leaning towards I don’t know?’
‘I don’t know.’

‘You puzzle me. I don’t know. Let your instincts out. What do they say?’
‘I don’t feel.’
‘You don’t feel?’
‘And you don’t know?’

‘You are in a whole different zone here, invite me. Because it’s either you rip this floor out or you don’t. It’s either a yes or a no. There is no: I don’t know.’
‘I think intuition is highly overrated.’
‘Who’s talking here? Is this you?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘Work with me here. Use more words.’

I take a sip from my latte. ‘I feel like I shouldn’t do it, but I know that I should.’
‘You know I’m no judge,’ there is a tiny piece of lemon sticking to his upper lip, ‘because what do I know about irremovable stains.’
‘Maybe I should try a dry cleaner.’
‘A Blotch Buster.’
‘An Almighty Stripe is staining’ on your floor. Who ya gonna call? Blotch Busters,’ we sing in unison.
‘I think it could work.’

I’m nodding while I put down my cup.

‘Okay, let’s do pros and cons. Say you leave it in: you’ll never have to clean your floor again because it’s impossible to get it cleaned. But you’ll never know what will happen if you do take it out and possibly you will continue to live in the same hell you are living in right now…’
‘…until I wind up on the streets and I will never have to face the Almighty Stripe again.’

‘Or you do rip out the entire floor, stripe and all and see what happens.’
‘I don’t know.’
‘It’s either a Yes or a no. I’m thinking yes, I would have gone for it, Tess. So what’s the verdict. Do you choose yes or no?’
‘I choose no.’ And I pick up my cup but when I put it at my lips it turns out to be empty.

‘She says no.’
‘It’s a choice.’
‘I don’t know.’


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