Something called a CEO

thriller, mystery, suspence, comedy, blog

A smiling dinosaur is moping the floor with its fluffy skin. I pick it up by one of his gangly legs and it looks as if it’s smiling at me with a huge smile. Must be one of the toys the sell here.

From the dino smile there is a huge hallway stretching before me, with right in the middle something called a CEO I need to pass on my way to the other side. Always a scary moment. Will I say hello? Maybe I should just walk by in silence? Not that my life depends on it, but this is a grey area in society rules, it all depends on circumstance. And lately I have not been the best judge on circumstance.

So I walk. With my smiling dino. We trod the endless hall with seeming confidence. We can do this, I say to myself. Hello or no hello, that’s the question. How far can you go with the CEO? Who is to know?

Approaching target.
Target is within hearing distance.
Target appears to be aware of our presence.
Steady and Polite, dino. Just stay steady and polite.

He turns. Target turns facing us in full frontal position. This is an unexpected turn of events. Steady and polite, dino. Steady and polite.

He smiles. His smile is as big as my fluffy dino’s smile. What to do? Shall I turn my head? Pretend not to see? O shall I turn around and walk straight back again? No, too drastic. Oh no, here comes the hello. Steady and polite.

He speaks. Target seeks contact through the spoken word. We are in awe. We did not initiate. Okay, quick scan of recent occurrences.

Target turns.
Target approaches.
Target seeks contact.
Target’s tone is soft and almost sweet.
Target smiles like my dino.
Final analysis: Is target flirting?
Final results: total panic.
Conclusion: run, steady and polite.

I did say hello, I just don’t remember how it came out. I press the button of the coffee machine, a regular brown stream is dropping into my coffee cup, while dino sits on the counter smiling at me with an incredible smile. I look out the window. What was this? Have I yet again been the victim of dirty ghost trickery? Bullied by the Almighty Stripe? Or was this for real?

Out on the windowsill are two pigeons making out. Drowsy morning sex, I’m not a fan. Lethal morning breath is the strongest libido killer. And dino is still smiling at me.


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