The return of the Almighty Stripe

drama, suspence, mystery, thriller, blog

‘What are you doing?’
‘I am testing my new lifestyle.’
‘What are you talking about? Get out of your car.
‘No, I need to test how this works, before I am bound to this. I am serious.’
‘You look stupid sitting there in your car.’

Levine opens the door of my car and gets in. He looks at the back, looks back at me and looks back at the stuff I have put in the back of my car. He widens his eyes and shrugs. I shrug in return.

‘It looks like a warzone in here.’
‘I know.’
‘Who is your enemy?’
‘No, it’s not like that,’ I put my handmade garbage bag beside my chair. Levine follows my every move.
‘I’m still waiting for you to speak.’
‘Oh, of course, but here’s the thing, I can’t stay there, so I need to stay somewhere, but I have no work, so I have no money, so I have nowhere to stay, so now I stay here.’ I nod.

Levine takes another look around the warzone.

‘You stay here.’ He gestures to the mess I’ve created.
‘If you stay here, you will look like that bag you’ve just fabricated,’ pointing at the bag I have just stowed away.
‘Hey, here it is dry and warmer then there,’ I point outside, ‘and safe….er.’
‘You can’t stay here.’ He says really determinately.
‘Yes, but I can’t stay there.’
‘Yes, but you can’t stay here.’ He picks up a blanket I have installed on the bench in the back of my car, right beside the drinks and Campingaz and Sexwax.

‘What is the problem? Why are you camping in your car while you have a perfectly good apartment out there?’
‘He’s back,’ I whisper.
‘Oh no!’He puts a hand in front of his mouth.
‘I know.’
‘Who’s back you goofball?’
‘You know.’
‘He who’s name we shall not mention?’
‘He has a name?’ I say in astonishment.
‘The stripe.’ I hit my thigh with my hand.
‘The stripe?’

‘Yes, the one I removed a few weeks ago. He’s back. Right where he was before. It’s like he never left and you were my witnesses. I removed him. He was gone. Nada. Nothing. Say it: nothing.’
‘Nothing, now show me.’

We get out and walk back slowly.


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