Switching Lanes

‘You need to stay in this lane.’
‘Why do I need to stay in this lane?’
‘Because you need to stay in this lane.’
‘Why can’t I change to that lane?’ Levine points to a wide-open spot in the left lane.
‘No, you should stay put,’ I say, as certain as I know that I am a girl.
‘It would be very helpful if I could pass this car in front of us that drives like my grandmother walks her walker.’ I laugh.

To our right cars want to join form the acceleration lane but this slow nana in front of us is so slow there is no room, not even an inch. Levine gives me the look. I give him the prowl lip as a way of saying sorry. He turns on the radio really loud and glances at me sideways. Cars are switching lanes as people change socks in the morning.

‘I feel like we’re moving backwards. Like Bobo Nana in front of us is trying to turn back time and we’re in her zone.’
‘I think Bobo Nana is going to save us.’
‘By rewinding the clock?! First, she’ll kill and then she can go back in time to save us. Clever granny. Clever save the world one granny panty at a time, granny.’

‘I’m not wearing mine.’
‘I am. Here watch this.’ He pulls out the top of his Calvin Klein shorts.
‘These could definitely save the world. You could just fly out on a pair and do some magic.’
‘Like holding your stomach when you are trying to squeeze into your skinny jeans.’
‘That would save the world from hunger for sure.’
‘And soar eyes.’
‘Or save the world from the notorious constructors cleavage aka showing your spleen when you bend.’
‘Save the world form migraines.’
‘Or just be sexy in general.’
‘Save all quarrels.’
‘Or get Bobo Nana out of this lane.’
‘Save us.’

And suddenly she goes. A car from the right wants to join our lane. Bobo Nana is blocking every entrance. She checks. The car in the left lane signs. She signs. She moves. She goes. But a car from the third lane overlooks slow Bobo Nana. Probably thinks she isn’t moving at all. Switches lanes. And clash.

We hear many squeaking breaks behind us. Cars honking. Glass breaking. Metal bumping. And we drive on in silence. As if Bobo Nana just stopped time by switching lanes.

‘You knew,’whispers Levine.
‘Bobo Nana saved us,’I nod.


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